Phallic? It’s Not the Size of the Mod-But How You Use It

It’s Not the Size of the Mod, It’s How You Use It!

IMG_Big_Mod PhallicWelcome to another babble session with Bogey. That’s right, anything goes when I get into my babble mode and it’s all just my opinion. So I was chatting with a few vaping bloggers about what I could babble on and an interesting topic came up. Are mods phallic symbols? This got me thinking.


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To be Phallic, or Not To Be Phallic: That is the Question!

So are mods and vaporizers phallic? Lets look at some of the most obvious characteristics:

  1. The vast majority are long(ish) metal tubes.
  2. They all have “tips”.
  3. They come in various sizes and lengths.

I think you all get the “picture”.Obelisks Phallic

If you look at Websters Dictionary on line for Phallus it would seem that yes, mods are Phallic. However, are they phallic symbols? Take a look at’s take on phallic symbol. It adds the less tangible component of “symbolizing power”. So, there are two possible arguments I see here for whether mods are phallic symbols:

  1. Mods are not seen as representing “power” in the general sense. Meaning, they do not add to an individual’s stature in a group or community.
  2. Mods are seen as representing “power” and are seen as adding to an individuals stature in a group or community.

I think in general option 2 is likely the better argument. Think about when you are at a vape meet, or other gathering of vapers. “Is it a clone or authentic?”. “What’s the voltage drop?” How many watts does that push?” Finally the inevitable “I wish I could have one of those”.

So what does all this mean? Well, probably nothing. But it’s interesting to think about. Believe it or not when you actually look around all vapers are not males! There are plenty of women vapers out there. Would a female vaper be intimidated by such symbolism? Maybe some would. Do I think that feeling is wide spread among women vapers? No, not really, but what do I know I am just a dumb guy. But it’s interesting to think about and consider when your among our diverse group vapers.

If vaping becomes more about status symbols, and obtaining “power” within the community, maybe we need to look inside ourselves and re-evaluate our goals for vaping in the first place. Do you find yourself internally evaluating vapers by the mods they own, more than what they contribute to the community? Is it more about the mod, and less about harm reduction and leaving tobacco behind? I have at times, found myself in that position. Especially the longer I vape. Maybe it’s time I did some self reflection. Food for thought anyway…

Vape Loud, Vape Proud! – Bogey

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