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Battery Failures: Is it Really the Vapers Fault?

Is it Really the Vapers Fault (Battery Failures) I felt the need to write today after seeing a flurry of activity again around battery safety and the extremely rare instance when a battery fails or vents causing harm to the user. The same re-hashed battery failures in electronic


Divisions in the Vaping Community – Part One

The Great Divide(s) – Part One, Introduction Why? I have mentioned this before in much of my writing about vaping. There is a continually increasing number of vapers out there. They are diverse, multicultural, opinionated, and many tend to be passionate about vaping. We are a vaping

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Vaping the Best – Or are You?

Vaping the Best – is it Possible? Is there really a “Best” vaping product out there? Best Atomizer, Clearomizer, Mod, PV, Battery, Juice, etc. I see this term being used a lot. So I wanted to think out loud on this one.I wanted to throw